Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Five Civilized Tribes Act Superseds the 1866 Treaties

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Determined to restore cultural identity and heritage, the Cherokee Nation seeks healing for damage don by federal policy designed to destroy Native Americans, terminate tribal governments, and strip tribal identity (Briefing). Therefore, to rejuvenate the nation, in 1975, the Cherokee Nation approved a new Constitution, granting citizenship to only descendants with an Indian ancestor listed on the original Dawes Roll, excluding descendants of Freedmen and Intermarried Whites (History). The Cherokee argues that they exercised their rights of determining it citizenship. These requirements fully complied with the 1866 Treaty and the Five Tribes Act of 1906 that superseded the Article IX of the 1866 Treaty, which is exercised by Indian Tribes Throughout the United States (Briefing).

After reading the Briefing on Freedmen ineligibility by the Cherokee Nation, it was clearly obvious that the information was put together in a way to benefit their arguement against the Freedmen. I believe that for the Five Tribes Act to supersed the 1866 Treaties ,which demanded the Cherokee Nation to treat their Freedmen fairly, it would have to specificly state that the Cherokee Nation was able to disenfranchise their non-Indian citizens or any of their citizens, for that matter.

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